Creating opportunities for others,
so they can create a bigger opportunity for themselves.

Ownership Benefits

Recurring Revenue

We are a membership-based business model, which creates potential for recurring fees from clients. Properly executed, this can result in a steady and predictable stream of income. Memberships foster customer loyalty, as parents are more likely to remain loyal to a brand they have a continued relationship with. This can lead to higher customer retention rates and increased lifetime customer value.

Attractive Management Hours

Mango’s Place Centers are open 7 AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday. This schedule allows Center owners to have a predictable and consistent schedule, which contributes to a better work-life balance. Because we serve a niche market of parents, our services are needed most during weekdays. And since care is needed on a regular basis, this demand contributes to stable enrollment and income.

Niche Market

The hourly daycare space has few competitors, and even fewer with the advantages of Mango’s Place. This makes it easier for new Centers to stand out and become a go-to provider within their area. Mango’s Place Centers develop strong brand loyalty because we cater specifically to families’ unique needs. This loyalty leads to repeat business and long-term relationships with customers.

Industry Facts

What Comes Next?