About Us
In 2003, Mango's Place™ revolutionized the daycare industry.

Our Team

Mary Frances , Owner

“Growing up in a family owned business, I watched my father work hard and invest in people. He always dreamed big and taught me that I could do anything that I put my mind to.

The concept for Mango’s Place emerged while working from home and needing childcare. Only needing a few hours during the day and a few days a week, I knew traditional daycare was not my answer. I realized that there must be other parents who had similar struggles and unmet needs.

I began to visualize a place where parents could bring their children on an hourly basis and pay for only the time the children where there. It started on the back of an envelope, and just six months later, Mango’s Place was open!

Today, I am committed to the continual growth of Mango’s Place. Our new tailor-made curriculum goes beyond the basic childcare needs and allows for a daily investment in each child’s age appropriate milestones and development. To ensure each child receives up to date care and education, our corporate team has developed a proprietary staff training process focused on implementing the Mango’s Place vision, that not only will unleash each individual’s leadership and growth potential, but allows for specific early childhood development training. Come visit us, meet the team, and see the difference. ”

To create an opportunity for others so they can create a bigger opportunity for themselves.

Amanda , Director of Operations

“Between the years 2009 – 2018 I spent time working as a classroom teacher, front support staff and a center administrator across multiple Mango’s Place locations. In 2019 I stepped into an operational position within the corporation which is where my true passion lies. I was essential in creating our proprietary software, website, staff training systems, new center model and design and company expansion.

My primary focus is to create a place that people want to be a part of. I believe that when we have an environment, culture, and a place full of people that care, we can create something truly special and positively impact our communities.”

To create something that people want to be a part of.

Brock , Director of Sales and Training

“I have been part of our brand since my early childhood, where I enjoyed first-hand the benefits of being a kid at Mango’s Place. In my career, I have worked in luxury guest services, I’m bi-lingual, and have had broad experience as an instructor in multiple fields. My work with children includes experience in special needs; and as a Teacher, Support Team, and Front Manager for Mango’s Place.

Today I serve as our Director of Training and Sales (a role I have held since our inception), where I guides potential franchise owners through our discovery and onboarding processes.”

Stephanie , Director of Programs

“With my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and my teaching background, I first came to Mango’s Place as a preschool teacher in 2015. With a desire to grow within the company, I was promoted to director in 2017. My goals include setting a strong educational foundation for each classroom, and interacting with staff, clients, and the children, in order to build healthy relationships. My experience at Mango’s Place, combined with my passion for the academics, has allowed me to fulfill a bigger role in this company as the program director in 2020.

I now have the opportunity to reach all Mango families through innovation and creativity, keeping all programs relevant, original and competitive.”

To educate and inspire individuals to unlock their self-worth.

Mango's Vision

Mango’s Place vision is to create a movement of people, who want to grow and learn about who they are, discover what they are made of, and bring others along side of them. When we focus on the success of others, together, we will create endless opportunities.


Mango’s Place believes it is vital to invest in our community. We support several local charities by donating 1% of our sales. Here are just a few with whom we have partnered:

Serving our Neighbors.

Show Hope
Restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress.

Imagination Library

Dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children from birth to age five.



Come join the Mango’s Place team!  Our team is committed to creating a community that instills the following values: self-worth, speaking truth, acting and reacting in kindness, extending grace, protecting the hearts of children, and having empathy for parents. Read our Vision and our Purpose to learn more. Send your resume to: [email protected]. You can also apply directly by clicking here.